Understanding Baby Acne

When we think of acne we usually think of teenagers, but did you know that babies can also be stricken with a breakout of pimples? Baby acne is quite common, affecting around 45% of all newborns. While it is possible for a baby to be born with acne it is usually something that appears within a few weeks of their birth.

What causes baby Acne?

Doctors suggest that baby acne is caused by the rise in the mother’s hormone levels during delivery. During this time the hormones are passed through the placenta where they reach the baby. This is necessary, however, as it provides last-minute developments that the baby’s body will need, such as an increased size in the lungs. The hormones also cause extra oil production in the baby’s skin, which we all know is the primary cause of acne.

Treating Baby Acne

For teenagers with acne the primary method of treatment is an acne product (see Proactiv reviews) that is sold over the counter, however babies delicate skin cannot handle such harsh chemicals and ingredients. The best way to treat baby acne is to leave it alone. Continue on with the cleansing of your baby. You may want to switch to a milder baby soap, although most of them are already pretty gentle as it is.

While baby acne may cause any new parent concern it is truly not a big deal and nothing that you should worry over. We understand that when you have a newborn this is much easier said than done, but this is probably the first of many little things that you will be dealing with in your life as a parent.

Usually baby acne will treat itself and clear within a period of 4 to 6 months, all without you doing anything other than taking the best possible care of your baby. Your baby is not in any pain or experiencing any discomfort related to the acne, which could very well happen if you try to treat it with something that is too harsh for his skin.

When to see the Pediatrician

If you are really concerned about the acne you can always take your baby into the pediatrician. He can ease your concerns and help you feel much better about the condition. You will also need to take baby in to see the doctor if the acne has not cleared on its own after a period of about 6 months.